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Awareness and mainstreaming of disability issues despite several international and national guidelines is limited. In the national context, disability issues are not incorporated in Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSP) and educational programmes and policies as well as the few disability programmes and projects are yet to be well aligned with the national disability issues and policies. Therefore, there is a need for advocacy within the government agencies, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes (EDP's) and Non-Governmental Development Organizations (NGDO's).

In Nepal, DPOD has supported the disability movement for several years through funding of collaborations between DPOD member organisations in Denmark and their Nepali counterparts of disabled. I October 2007 DPOD has developed a new five year country strategy valid until mid 2012 to guide its involvement in Nepal.

  • The Country Strategy section contains information about which focus areas there are for country projects receiving funding from the DPOD miniprogramme.
  • The Projects section contains information about current and previous development collaborations carried out by DPOD member organisations, with either miniprogramme or alternative funding.
  • The Country Group section contains information about DPOD organisations who are currently implementing country projects, or who have previously implemented them. Description and contact information for the countries with country offices can also be found here.
  • The Global line section contains information about DPOD counterpart organisations who have had members participating in the Global line courses at Egmont HĂžjskole.


Contact person at DPOD
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